Joe Kocur Authentic Jersey  Tour Cape Coast

Cape coast or Cabo Corso is one of the most spectacular places in Ghana. With the Gulf of Guinea situated to its south, the geographical landmark is home to some of the world’s famous tourist attractions including the Cape Coast Castle previously used for the transportation of slaves in times of Yore. Its rich history has become legendary due to the fact that they have passed through the hands of the British, the Portuguese, the Swedish, the Danish and the Dutch.

The area is quite humid and as the sea breeze does you justice, you will feel more relaxed. Housing a population of close to 200 000 people, Cape Coast offers a vast shoreline of sandy beaches lined with palm trees and summer huts just to mention a few. The reefs are incredible.

Also, the former first lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama believes that her Ancestral home is located in Cape Coast. What more could one ask for? There’s not much to be surprised about due to the fact that this is the land of the very hospitable Fantes.

The multifaceted tourism landmark occupies the coastal area of the Central Region of Ghana and it happens to be one of the most dynamic places in West Africa. Simply put, if you want to have fun in the most historic and dynamic way possible, Cape Coast is the place to be.

One fascinating feature of this place is that they have a Crab as the city’s mascot with a statue of it at the city’s center. The city is also located about 30km south of the Kakum National Park, one of the most diverse and well preserved parks in West Africa.

When it comes to football which is on the hearts of many, Cape Coast is believed to be the very first place football was played and they pride themselves in their team, Ebusua Dwarfs FC.